How to write an essay in 5 hours

Each student, while studying at an educational institution, writes a huge number of essays on various topics. It can be politics, art or science. But in order to write a truly high-quality essay, it is not enough just to know a lot about the object of study. In any case, to achieve the highest level of skill, you must start with the basics. An essay is no exception, so to learn, for example, how to write an essay in 5 hours on any topic, you need to learn the basics.

In any written performance, structure, clear construction of sentences and logical organization are important. An essay usually consists of the following parts. The first part is the lead. In this part, it is necessary to state the problem, clearly formulating it, and the degree of its relevance. The following is the main part. Here you express your opinion, highlight several arguments, arguments, detailing your point of view with evidence (from statistics, personal experience, and so on). It is also necessary to state that there is an opposite point of view and explain why you disagree with it or why you agree. The conclusion, that is, the conclusion is the last part of the essay. The conclusion must be formulated in accordance with the stated problem, it must contain the point of view that you adhere to, that basic idea that you came to in the process of reasoning.

Where to start writing an essay? Make an essay plan by summarizing the problem in the introductory part, highlighting several arguments for and against the main part and a brief conclusion. After that, consider what arguments in favor of your arguments you can bring. Having done this, open your every thought, add descriptive elements to the sentences, and also do not forget to add reasoning. Also add phrases specific to the essay, such as “I believe” or “it was revealed during the study.”

Be sure to check the literacy of your essay (spelling, punctuation, grammar, spelling structure, logic, how well the communicative task is completed, and the like).

There are main types of essays that are most often found in the curriculum at schools, colleges or universities. Let’s analyze the main types of essays. Most often, the following can be distinguished: For and Against Essays, Opinion Essays, Points to consider, For and Against Essays.

For and Against Essay is an essay that focuses on two points of view. Before you start writing this type of essay, you need to write down on a separate piece of paper all the arguments for and against. Also, try not to use an informal style. Express your opinion not emotionally. Use words such as “It seems that” or “I therefore feel”. Opinion Essays expresses your personal point of view on any problems. The main goal of this type of essay is to prove that your position is correct. And the last view is Points to consider essay. This type of essay is written in a formal style. Here you first identify the problem, and then find solutions to it.

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