How to write an essay in 1 hour

Surely you have often faced the problem of writing an essay. Writing such a text on a complex topic is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, because superficial knowledge is not enough. To write a truly high-quality essay, you need not only to have the necessary information, but also to have the necessary skills. Among these skills, the most important are the ability to analyze information, highlighting the most important, as well as the ability to write logical and structured texts. This is necessary so that with the help of this text you can convey to the reader your thoughts and opinions regarding certain issues. Without persuasion, you cannot write a good essay. Therefore, it is worth considering the structure of the essay if you want to understand, for example, how to write an essay in 1 hour. With this outline, you can write a good essay really fast. The essay should be clearly structured and include the following parts (each begins with a new paragraph).

The essay begins with an introduction. Here you should indicate the problem indicated in the task. It is important to rephrase it, rather than rewrite word for word. For example, the task “In order to get a good education one should go abroad” can be reformulated as: “Nowadays, the problem of studying abroad causes great argument and controversy”. You should also supplement this thesis with a small commentary. You can finish the introduction with a rhetorical question.

What follows is an expression of one’s own opinion. In this paragraph, it is necessary in the form of theses to reflect your personal attitude to this problem and reinforce it with two or three detailed arguments. It is important that the arguments are convincing, succinct and logical. Arguments are entered using universal bundle words and phrases.

Then the expression of the opposite opinion follows. The third paragraph of the essay should contain the point of view of the opponent. This thesis also needs to be supported by one or two arguments. It is important that the opponent has one less argument (that is, if you have three arguments in the second paragraph, then in the third should be two), because our goal is to prove our own point.

You can also disagree with the opinion of opponents. Here you should refute the opponent’s opinion, express your disagreement and reinforce it with one or two counterarguments. Remember that you bring the counterarguments to the opponent’s arguments, their number should be the same (two arguments of the opponent is equal to your two counterarguments).

At the end is the conclusion. The last paragraph should contain a generalized conclusion regarding the issue under discussion, which is also supplemented by a comment. You can use a universal phrase that will make the reader think about the problem.

To avoid mistakes while writing an essay, write a draft first. It will also allow you to make corrections and add new information when writing an essay if you forget to mention something while writing the text.

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