Write essay with example

The purpose of learning how to write an essay can be different for everyone: someone has to pass international exams where they need to take the written part, someone needs to write an essay for study, and someone just wants to learn how to write quality essays.

Before we begin, it’s worth giving a little recommendation, which may seem obvious, but many neglect it: before writing an essay or letter, make a plan. A lot of students consider this optional, but a clear plan will help you identify what issues you want to address in the essay. For example, if you are writing an essay for an exam, the statement of the assignment itself can be very voluminous, and it is very easy not to reveal one of the questions posed, simply because you lost in thought and forgot about it.

Also, the plan helps to reduce time for reflection and get started writing faster. For many students, the most difficult part about writing an essay is to start writing it. A given topic can be so alien to you that you have a question: what exactly can you write here? Or, conversely, there can be so many different thoughts on a given question that you get lost, why is it better to start with, and how to put all this mess in your head into a beautiful structured text, and invest in a given word limit. In this case, the plan helps a lot. After spending 5 minutes writing it, then you already know where to start and how to continue. With such a plan, you can write essay with example.

What can be written in the first paragraph of the essay? Starting to write an essay, it is important to voice the statement of the problem, and it is also worth noting which position you hold on this issue. There is no need to fully disclose your opinion in the first paragraph, just express it in general terms. For example, you need to express your opinion about which vacation is better: passive or active. Then you can start your essay like this: “Most people think that the best way to spend their vacation is to lie on the beach and do nothing, but in my opinion, the more active you are – the more energy you will have.” In this paragraph, you only express your opinion in general terms. And why do you think that way you will write in the next paragraph.

Now let’s move on to phrases that can be used in the first paragraph of the essay: “Most people think /suppose /consider that” and so on. If you are writing an essay for an exam, it is best to replace the word think with synonyms to demonstrate a good vocabulary. All of these methods apply to any kind of essay and to any part of the text, but you can also experiment and come up with your own phrases.

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